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We build Inspired webapps

What we are all about

From building our own awesome projects and those for our clients we have fine tuned a custom development process. Our background is in product development and we are very good at taking an idea from concept to reality. This process might involve everything from product development, business model discovery, market testing and customer validation. We've been blessed with the opportunity of working with a variety of great people on some very cool ideas. When we work on a project we treat it like our own. SEM is open to partner with Joint Ventures to create residual business models that lead to larger applications in the Mobile Space and beyond. Keep dreaming and creating.

Our Process

Step 1: Discovery

It's a date, let's meet. After an initial handshake, a couple laughs we get down to business. We love hearing about great new ideas - and working hard to make them happen, making great products, is part of what drives us. The discovery process is where we meet you and hear your needs. It's also a valuable time to go over any existing solutions and components that you may have. The types of projects we work on can differ a lot, the discovery process ensures we plan a development and deployment strategy that makes sense for you.

  • Initial consultation
  • Needs analysis
  • Business consultation

Step 2: Requirements Analysis

After our consultation we sharpen our pencils and get to work. Studies have shown that for every hour spent in requirements analysis and planning 10 to 100 hours are saved in development. This is also where we ensure everyone is on the same page and building what you want and your customers need.

  • User Research
  • Business Research
  • Project Planning
  • Technical Audit
  • Requirements analysis

Step 3: Growth Requirements

This is where we blend our experience in scaling applications with your expected traffic and usage demands.

  • Database Architecture
  • Hosting Analysis
  • Server Requirements

Step 4: Wireframe Modeling

Before spending much time writing code we like to create wireframes. Wireframes are simple diagrams that enable us to rough draft the application interface.

  • Wireframe Design
  • User Flow

Step 5: Style Guide

Branding is very important. We want to ensure that the application, website or program we design communicates the right message with its visual style. Before we get into designing full page PSDs of what the application will look like we start with a style guide. This ensures that we create synergy between core visual elements such as the navigation, titles and links across all devices we are building for. We also look at any existing branding you may want included into your application.

  • Branding and Identity
  • Interaction Design

Step 6: Development

It's go time. We know what we are building, it's time to roll up the sleeves and get down to business. We break development into modules.

  • Framework Integration
  • CMS Design (if needed)
  • App Development (if needed)
  • Module Development

Step 7: Design

We have our development and design teams work side-by-side when building applications. When the best minds work together great ideas happen.

  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design

Step 8: Alpha Deployment

We release our products in stages. The first release stage is the "alpha" stage. This is a limited release by private invitation and it allows us to test across browsers, debug the system for all users, and get user feedback.

  • Browser and device testing
  • User experience testing
  • General Bug Testing

Step 9: Beta Deployment

It's time for deployment to the world. The second release stage is the "beta" stage. This is a full release with a disclaimer to all new users that there may be some bugs and errors. You've probably seen Google do this when they release their apps. Beta release allows us to control deployment and ensure our systems can handle the needed growth rates.

  • Production Server Deployment
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Launch parties

We build inspired webapps

Building webapps is fun. There are few things as exciting today as the opportunity to build an amazing webapp that solves a real problem.

Today's applications can be beautiful, intuitive and responsive. With the technology today, building a webapp is the best way to offer an application that truly can work on any device.

Our Skills

From start to finish we work with small teams (pods) to build and assemble a cutting edge web application. We take care of everything.

  • Opensource or custom framework (development architecture)
  • Data structures
  • Choosing the right programming languages
  • Setting up and scaling horizontal/vertical cloud hosting
  • Backend, front-end and client-side development
  • Product testing and iterations
  • Beta deployment
  • Ongoing development
  • API development and/or integration

We build integrated mobile apps

From Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Ubuntu, Windows the range of mobile operating systems is expanding everyday. If you have a need for a mobile specific application we are ready.

Our Skills

From start to finish we work with small teams (pods) to build and assemble a cutting edge mobile application. We take care of everything.

  • Native or HTML5 application
  • Wireframe design
  • API integration
  • Product testing and iterations
  • Beta deployment
  • Ongoing development

We create beautiful interface designs

User experience has never been more important. "[Design is] not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." ~ Steve Jobs

Great design needs to take into account the key functions of the form. We believe design has the potential to take a great concept and make it truly remarkable and useful. With an in-depth knowledge of the programming capabilities and understanding of the core needs is brilliant design possible.

Our Skills

  • Use analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Wireframes
  • Photoshop Designs
  • User Experience (UX) testing
  • Custom CSS
  • In page testing

Strategy Consulting

You have a great idea, but no idea of how to take it from a concept to a growing business application.

That's where we can help.

We've not only built some really cool applications, we've turned them into a great growing business. Take StreetText; we turned a great idea (connecting buyers to the info they care about faster) into one of Canadian Real Estate's fastest growing technology companies. StreetText is now Canada's largest provider of Real Estate SMS and is rapidly become an industry standard.

Now it's your turn.

Product development, market validation, customer retention, value proposition. In todays competitive market these are words you not only need to understand, they need to be mastered.

We can help you improve your business strategy at any stage of your application development.

Welcome to 2021

It's an exciting time, full of opportunity and success. It's also an entirely new experience. The web has changed. Today it truly is a web, a network, with many devices connecting people simultaneously in many different ways. You need a solution that works anywhere, anytime and on any device.

That's what we do.

We provide the right technology pieces you need for your applications. We take our experience in social, mobile, interactive, web and turn it into real solutions powering your applications. So they work anywhere, anytime and on any device. In a way that makes business sense and makes life a little easier.

We are excellent at executing great ideas and turning them into great solutions. We will walk you through the entire process from MVP to a live application. Developing the right application takes the right team.

We know that success starts with the team.

We are experienced in creating successful online platforms, future friendly mobile experiences and web 2.0 style communities. Medals and bruises? We've got both. Our bruises were hard earned achieving medals and we wear them with pride. Through our experience we bring the knowledge of what will work in the marketplace today, and what it will take to execute the plan now.

Our Clients

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the great companies we have enjoyed working with

Mr. MIke Stakehouse
Coldwell Banker
Select Helicopter Services Ltd.
Sutton Realty
Royal LePage
CIR Realty
Stutters Disaster Kleenup
Alliance Mortgage
Integra Inspection Services
Canada Mortgage Specialists
Mortgage Intelligence
Earth Elements by Design Inc.
Buyers Edge
Super 8
Ameri Spec Inspection Services
The Mortgage Center
Alberta Mortgage
Axiom Mortgage Solutions
Servus Credit Union
Verico Mortgage Brokers Network
Barbara Boyb
Big Steel Box
Mainland Home Inspections
Dominion Lending Centres
Get Metz
Home Alyze check Up
Lending Max
Complete Mortgage Services